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Harvey L Kaplan <harvey@...>

I was in Kedainiai, in Kaunas province, Lithuania, in September. Scots
merchants and mercenaries settled there in the 1600s/1700s, and the Scots
community lived beside the Jewish community. Some Scots were called Gordon,
later Gordonas, as they integrated. Another possible source.

Also, Gordon may be connected to the name Groden and the town of Grodno.

Harvey L Kaplan

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At 11:28 AM 4/12/2005, Roger Lustig wrote:
but there are lots and lots of Jews named GORDON, MILLER, etc...
There are Gordons in my family, and I was wondering if Jews might have
selected the name as a tribute to Lord George Gordon, the convert who died
at the end of the 18th Century (chronology would be right)? If not, does
anyone have any bright ideas (not sarcasm!) about where the name came
from? By the way, we can add to Western-sounding Jewish names >from
Eastern Europe the name Boot.

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