More warts - what was not told #general

Barbara Zimmer <bravo.zulu@...>

In my family, there were several topics that were not discussed - at
least not with "the children". So I did no know that my uncle
committed suicide by taking cyanide. (He was a jeweler and thus had
access to cyanide which is used to purify gold.) I was able to
obtain the death certificate at the state archives.

Nor did I know (until I recently asked my elderly aunt) that my other
uncle divorced his wife (my father's sister) and remarried. I
obtained more details on that one >from his will.

And in my husband's family there was a great-cousin who "worked in a
saloon" in the western part of the US. A mutual cousin of my
husband was reluctant to share any information about her. The
important part is that she died young and may have suffered >from a
chronic genetic disease which we know has affected one branch of the
family for over 4 generations.

As genealogists we often uncover details which might otherwise remain
hidden. Some of those details may prove to be highly significant.

Barbara Zimmer

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