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Dear cousins,

I'm hoping that someone out there will recognize the names of my G-GF's
brother, sister and nephew and perhaps what happened to them during / after
My great-grandfather, Hans Gottschalk SACHS, born 1882 had a younger sister
Lotte (born July 1886) and a younger brother Friedrich (born January 1889).
All three were born in Berlin to Hermann and Bertha Emma (nee ZIRKER) SACHS.

Lotte married Hugo GRAETZ, probably around 1905. They had a son, Gerd GRAETZ
who would have been born sometime between 1906 - 1914 in Berlin. According
to the Berlin tax authority, Lotte and Hugo emigrated to Czechoslovakia in
1933, and Hugo died there sometime between April and September 1934.
According to cards on file at the ITS, Gerd emigrated to Cuba in 1933, and
Lotte emigrated in 1934, presumably after Hugo passed away. >from there I
have lost the trail. I have checked the Social Security Death Index,
thinking that they may have emigrated to the US, as did many Germans - but
so far to no avail. Gerd would be in his upper 90's if still alive today,
and I am trying trying trying to find him or his descendants (assuming that
he married and had children at some point) before the trail gets any colder
than it already is.
As for Friedrich, he is listed in the Berlin address book until 1938, at
which point he disappears. Yad Vashem researched their files for me, and I
have searched all the holocaust databases I can find, but without any luck.
I firmly believe that he survived - and emigrated - but to where??? He was a
licensed engineer, and ran a radio shop in Berlin at the end of the 30's.
Do any of these people ring any bells with anyone out there? If so, or even
if there is a remote possibility, please contact me directly.

Naomi Sachs-Amrami
Los Angeles, California

Researching: SACHS, GRAETZ, ZIRKER, SCHIMMELMANN (>from anywhere),
Unruhstadt, Allenstein, and anywhere in Prussia, Posen or Silesia; TOPOR,
GOLDSTEIN, SZELZAL / CHILSEY / SCHILSA >from Makow Mazowiecki / Lomza;
/ DUBINSKI >from Poltava and Kiev area, SILVERBLATT >from anywhere

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