Film lookup offer (NYC marriage & death) #general

Shelly Weiner <shellyjag619@...>

Dear all,

I have finished using the following films.

If anyone needs a film look-up, please email me privately with the name
& certificate number you are looking for. These are all films of certificates,
*not* indexes, so I can not look up any names.

All are being returned 12 Nov, with the exception of the 2 noted.

Brooklyn NY Marriage certificates
FHL# 1613952 ***due back 5 DEC*** (Jun-Jul 1920, Cert. #8245-9500)
FHL# 1613953 (Jun-Aug 1920, Cert. #9501-10743)

Manhattan NY Marriage certificates
FHL #1653329 (1921-1922, Cert. #5250-7000)

Bronx NY Marriage Certificates
FHL #1954319 (4 May 1922- 5 Sep 1922, Cert. #1600-3320)
FHL #1955744 (2 Jul 1928-13 Sep 1928, Cert. #4280-6020)
FHL #1927885 **DUE BACK 24 NOV** (9 Apr 1934-18 Jun 1934, Cert. #2390-4090)

Manhattan NY Death Certificates
FHL #2070292 (1933, Cert. #1001-2000)

Shelly Weiner
Henderson NV

BYCZOK/BYCHKOFF/BICHKOFF--Walkowisko, Poland to Detroit MI
FELDMAN (Hungary) to New Brunswick NJ
NOCHINOWSKI/NASH--Ostov, Russia to Detroit MI
RHYZI/ROSSEN--Vladimerets OR Stahovka,Ukraine to Detroit,MI
SMOLER/SMOLYAR/SMOLAR--Vladimerets Ukraine to Detroit MI

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