Jewish Names - Birzai, Lithuania #general

Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

I have come across the names of a number of Jews who lived in Birzai,
Lithuania, on Vilnius Street during the Holocaust. These were given to me
by some Lithuanian "Austra" high school students >from Birzai who are working
on a project about the Jews of their town.

I hope these are of interest to those of you who are researching your
families >from Birzai. Many of these names date back to the 1834 and later
records available for the shtetl in the All Lithuania Database. They also
can be found in the JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF).

Bekeras [Beker], Abraomas
Berkaliene [Berkal], Braina
Birkavas [Birkav], Leiba
Bocheris [Bocher], Henakas
Boheras [Boher], Jefrimas
Borochavicius [Borochavic], Salimas
Brilis [Bril], Mendelis
Geriene [Ger], Kolinda
Glezeras [Glezer], Simsonas
Kacevas [Kacev], Salimas
Kotleras [Kotler], Chaimas
Levinas [Levin], Zundelis
Levitas [Levit], Mausa
Meilachiene [Meilach], Eta
Melamedas [Melamed], Meijeris
Morilis [Moril], Simche
Milneriene [Milner], Feiga
Ormanas [Osman], Samuelis
Osris [Osri], Dovydas
Pasloveckis [Pasloveck}, Leiba
Propesas [Propes], Chaimas
Propivaite [Propiv], Rocha
Rapeika [Rapeik[, Lipe
Rebe [Rebe], Genkelis
Rozmarinas [Rozmarin], Jankelis
Sekas [Sek], Srolis
Sneideras [Sneider], Hanas
Vainsteinaite [Vainstein], Hana
Zilbovicius [Zilbovic], Leiba

At the present time, I have no further information on these individuals. It
would be of interest to know if these were Jews who were killed or those who
survived the Holocaust.

Ann Rabinowitz

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