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As a follow up to my original post (below) I might have located Alexander
Segal as the SSDI has a match for this individual. This person matches the
same birth year and month (March 1911). This Alexander Segal passed away in
July 2005 and his last known residence was the Bronx, New York (USA).

Can anyone tell me what would be a good newspaper for this area to check
obituary announcements? Does anyone know of an Alexander Segal >from the
Bronx and his children / descendants? Is there anyone available who might be
able to assist me? (I would gladly pay for services rendered).

Any help would be appreciated.

Best Regards,

Mark J. Budman
Researching SEGAL / SOLOMIN

With the release of the 1911 Canadian Census, I have been able to locate
additional names in my SEGAL family research.

I am searching for anyone who has connection to Solomon SEGAL (B 1885), who
lived in Toronto (Elizabeth street at some point) around 1911 (and maybe as
far as 1921) with his family.

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