Acacia cemetery Queens NY - how to get info on people buried there ? #general

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Dear Freinds
I have been trying to find if I have relatives
buried in Acacia cemetery in Queens NY. I have been
trying since 2002 I have sent a letters to the
cemetery and received no reply. Do any of you know how
I can go about geting information? The family I am
looking for is Hirschowitz (Below are the names of
those who I belive are there). I was told by there son
and brother they should be there. There should be at
least 6 that I know of there. Thank you for any help.
Moshe Schaeffer
Jerusalem Israel

Hirschowitz Samuel

Hirschowitz Fannie

Hirschowitz Norman

Hirschowitz Louis

Hirschowitz Simon Jacob

Hirschowitz David

MODERATOR NOTE: Have you checked JOWBR (JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial
Registry)? The Acacia cemetery is listed there.
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