Family search in Bendin & Ripyn Poland #general

Sara Reichman <sara@...>


I am trying to get to roots of my family:

My mother's family >from Bendin (Bedzin) Poland, names BRANDES or
Her mother's given name was Sara; her father's name was Chuna or Chanan.
There where 5 young children, Hanka born in 1922 (alive), yakub
(1925), Sima (1927) (alive) my mother, benjamin (banyek) and Yoel (lolek).
My father's family, >from Ripyn , Poland. Names, GRUNBERG (greenberg,
grynberg). His father was Moshe (son of Eliyahoo); his mother was Frida
(SZAMPAN >from Sierpc). There where 9 children, Abraham, Samuel and
Aron (my father, alive), Dbora, Haya, Sara, Rachel,Faiga, Fela.
Hope to get any information
Thank you

Sara R. (Grynberg)

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