Naturalization Law Puzzle, Maven Needed! #general

roberta rosen

I received a 1902, "Declaration of Intent,"
(first papers) for a man who entered the US as a
minor. A letter included in my packet explained
that in 1902 a person who entered the US as a
minor only had to file first papers to obtain

This was new to me, so I did a search for
naturalization law during that time period. I
found the usual information about minor children
becoming citizens on their father's papers, but
nothing about those who entered the US as minors
and did NOT become citizens on their father's
papers. I want to be sure the infomation I
received is correct before I give up the search
for second papers for several individuals!

I'd appreciate hearing >from anyone who knows
anything about this.

Thank you,

Roberta Rosen Long Beach, CA
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