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Hello to All

I have been trying my hardest to find any evidence of the whereabouts
of my grandfather's mother(Fajkes/Faikes Reva/Rywa). The only thing I
had to go was the 1930 census that stated she came over to america in
1929 and was living in Brooklyn with her daughter(Rose) &
son-in-law(Aaron Friedman). She was 50-51 years of age and widowed. I
have been unable to find any death date for her. Apparently there are
no city directories for brooklyn no that leaves that out. Heres the
marriage question.

I was looking on the site and they just added some of
the Brides Index, which by the way I think is fantastic. I can't wait
for them to put up the ones for manhattan. Anyways I did a search
hoping to find the daughter listed, But what I think I came up with was
the mother herself. My questions is would it have been unheard of or
taboo for a widower to get married at her age. She would have been
about 56-57 years of age if this is the right person. The marriage date
is 11/13/1936-record# 19790 Kings County-soundex F220-name Fajkes,

It can't be the daughter rose because she was already married by the
1930 census. I am wondering if anyone who has access to the actual
records can maybe just look and see if this is the person I am looking
for. It would be a help to me to rule it out or find out if it is her.
I am looking for all help and information I can get in this matter of
tracking this women down and maybe I can't because she got married late
in life and changed her name.

Sarah Greenberg

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