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On Sat, 12 Nov 2005 14:22:21 UTC, (Ari Dale) opined:

It seems that Mapquest has changed or withdrawn some of its earlier
eastern European maps- which I regret as I found the older versions more
useful than the current ones. In particular, they seem to denote the
town sought with a red star only- and omit writing the name of the
town. Has anyone else noticed this or am I doing something wrong? How
may one communicate with Mapquest?
-Ari Dale
I have just ordered up maps for three places in Poland, large an tiny,
and found in each case that the star was labelled with the place name.

Not that there aren't times when I wish the label would be omitted,
just to reduce clutter. Presumably one already knows the name of the
place he just entered into the request form, so doesn't need to be
reminded of it. On the other hand, if one wishes to copy the map
image, complete with the name of the target location, for use in a
web page or other document, it is always possible to place a text
note, explaining that the star marks the location of Zanadu, or

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