Naturalization Records by Notes in Passenger Record #general

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Hello, Dear Colleagues!

I am looking for the naturalization records of two cousins, Lena
BRUMBERG (born c1903) and Rose BRUMBERG (born c1906), the daughters of
Bessie/Basia and Sam/Samuel/Simon/Schiwen. I don't know if they ever
married (the family lived in NYC, but the daughters' names are not in
the new brides index on They arrived in the US on 19
August 1922 as Lea and Roza BRUMBERG. Their passenger record has these

Lea 2-1002100 8/7/42
Roza 2-982554 5/28/42

As I understand them, these notations mean that for each of them, the
passenger record was checked in 1942 as part of their naturalization
process in a court in southern New York State. However, neither woman
appears in the Southern or Eastern District naturalization indexes under
the name BRUMBERG.

Their father filed a Declaration of Intention in 1937 and was
naturalized in 1943. Since they were adults at that time, they weren't
covered by their father's naturalization.

So, my question is:
If the women married, is there a way I can find their naturalizations
with the information I have?

Yours Sincerely,
Arnon Hershkovitz, Israel

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