Re: "Stangelberger" in German - Translation Please #general

Evertjan. <exjxw.hannivoort@...>

Dr Shimon Barak wrote on 13 nov 2005 in soc.genealogy.jewish:

Stange in German means pole
Stangelberg means "the hill with the pole"
Stangelberger is somebody living in "the hill with the pole"
Stange is somewhat different >from staengel, staengel.

Probably it means, IMHO:

Somone living in a place called: Stangelberg.

Though I cannot find the place,
there is a family name "von Stangelberg" on Google,
so a geographical location is not unlikely.

Evertjan Hannivoort.
The Netherlands.
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MODERATOR NOTE: The "a" with an umlaut in the name "staengel"
was replaced with "ae" to accomodate our system.

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