Drohobycz BOF Meeting-Sunday, Nov. 20th #general

Pamela Weisberger <pweisberger@...>

There will be a special Drohobycz-Borislav-Sambor birds-of-a-feather meeting
taking place on Sunday, November 20th >from 12P - 2P, preceding the
JGSNY/Gesher Galicia Regional Meeting (at 2PM) at the Center for Jewish
History at 15 West 16th St. in New York City.

Because this gathering may be of interest even to those people who don't
have ancestors >from these specific towns, and all are invited, we're
providing some details:

There will be a special PowerPoint presentation by Valerie Schatzker,
webmaster of the Drohobycz Administrative District website, on "The Jewish
Oil Magnates" a book translation she is currently editing on the oil
industry in Drohobycz. Written in Yiddish and published in England in 1954,
it details the history of the first refineries, the oil boom in
Drohobycz--beginning in the mid-19th century--and the lives of the Jewish
oil magnates. She will also detail recent research she has conducted in
Vienna relating to Galicia.

We are also honored to have Mr. Rubin Schmer at this gathering. Born in
Drohobycz in 1925, he left on June 29, 1941--one day before the Germans
invaded. He will discuss the cemetery and synagogue restoration projects he
is coordinating in Drohobycz--with the assistance of the rabbi >from
Zhitomir, Ukraine--as well as the construction of a memorial in the forest
of Bronica (Bronycja), the site of Aktions (mass killings) where over 18,000
Jews >from these towns were slaughtered during WWII.

We will be combining the SRRG (Suchostaw Region Research Group) and
Drohobycz BOFs for these presentations, and will then break into town groups
afterwords for networking, but anyone with an interest in these topics, or
in hearing a first-hand account about what life was like in these Galician
towns during the interwar years, is invited to attend.

Meeting details and directions can be found at:




Looking forward to seeing you there!

Pamela Weisberger
Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

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