Smyrna, Turkey #general

Sam Wolff <baalh@...>

Does anybody have any experience in conducting
genealogical research in Smyrna, Turkey? I was
informed by a local Jewish person that the old records
were destroyed in a fire in 1900 and that I could
search the cemetery but that would be
"time-consuming." Is there not a register of the
deceased in the cemetery? Any tips would be welcome.

Sam WOLFF, Jerusalem (formerly Chicago)

researching HARAVON and AMADO, Craiova; WOLFF, Braila; LIGIER, Bulgaria;
SACHS, Prussia/Baltimore; SCHWEITZER, Russia/Chicago; FEIBEL, Germany;
GOROVOY, Belarus/Chicago; BASKIN, Pinsk/Chicago; ROJESKY, Ukraine/Minneapolis;
Nowy Dwor, Poland/Chicago and TUCHTEN, Bucharest/Chicago.

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