KLEIN from Bronx, Brooklyn and Philadelphia #general

Donna Rice

Looking for information on Isaak (Ishy) KLEIN who came >from Podhajce, Poland
as a child and lived on Park Avenue and 175th in the Bronx. He used his
Mother's name of Klein instead of that of his Father. His Father's last
name was FISCHER. His wife's name was Ruzia(Rose). He moved to Brooklyn in
the 70's and someone told me he then moved to Philadelphia before his death.
I don't know if he had any children. If you know any KLEIN families, please
take a moment to ask if they might be able to help. Please contact me
directly or via the JG Digest.
Donna Rice

MODERATOR NOTE: Research advice is welcomed on the Discussion Group.
If you have a personal connection to this family, please send that
information directly to Donna.

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