Service with the British ARmy in the 1890s #general


This would have been voluntary enlistment. There was no conscription in
Britain until 1916.
I doubt if in the 1880s they looked at his birth certificate any more than
they did in the First World War.. There are plenty of stories of under-age
soldiers in the First World War who were obviously recruited without reference
to birth certificates.. A Jewish boy, Robert Barnett (real name Raphael
Gluckstein) , was killed on 19 December 1914, aged 15. The Commonwealth War
Graves Commission records that he was 'one of the youngest battle casualties
of the war'.

Harold Pollins
Oxford, England

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In 1894, at the age of 18, my wife's great-grandfather was recruited in
the British Army.

His enlistment in the Grenadier Guards was for "Short Service (3 years
with the Colors, and 9 years in the Reserve.)"

Was this likely to have been a voluntary enlistment or a form of
compulsory "National Service"?

Would they have looked at his birth certificate or would they have taken
his stated age on trust?

Doug Mason
Australia >>>

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