ViewMate - translation from Russian and Hebrew #general

Eliana Aizim

Dear Genners,

I need translation >from Russian -- I have posted on ViewMate three
photos of the main pages of a Russian passport belonging to Miguel
LINOFF. File numbers are VM7160, 7161, and 7162. The direct
address to the files are:

I also need translation >from Hebrew -- I have posted on ViewMate
two photos of what´s written in a piece of paper, according to my
grandparent´s tombs. File numbers are VM7163 and 7164.
The direct address to the files are:

Please respond privately to me at: aizim@...
Thanks very much for any help you can give me.

Eliana AIZIM - >from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
visit my Gurevich photo album at:

AISEN, AIZEN, AISIN: Ukraine: Lugansk/ Argentina/ Brazil;
GUREVICH: Ukraine: Yuzovka/ USA: Philadelphia/ Brazil;
VATNICK, VAITMAN, WHITE: Ukraine: Peschanka/ Canada/ Brazil;
AVERBUCH: Ukraine: Podolia/ Brazil: Col. Quatro Irmaos, Br. Hirsch.

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