Need Research Help NY City Directories 1900-1910 #general

Sabra Waldfogel <sawaldfogel@...>

Can anyone recommend a researcher to look up two individuals (Falick
Novick, Pesach Novick) in Manhattan city directories >from 1900 to 1910?
It's more than a few minutes' effort, so I'd be willing to compensate
someone reasonably for their time and for duplicating/mailing costs. As
a last resort, there's the NYPL Research service, but they seem awfully
steep for a small project like this one... Thanks.

Sabra Waldfogel

MODERATOR NOTE: This sort of request has been discussed in the
JewishGen Discussion Group a number of times. For some helpful
suggestions, check the JewishGen Discussion Group Archives at
and search for city directory lookups.

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