looking for Moshe (Moishe) Morris ALPERT, Brunswick, Maine #general

Ellen Weinstein McKeough


I have been looking for Moshe (Moishe) Morris ALPERT for quite a long time.
I knew he lived in Brunswick, Maine and I cannot find him in any census. I
also cannot find him in Ellis Island Database or any other passenger list. My
uncle told me he lived in Brunswick (Cooks Corner) and it even said on EIDB
that my grandmother was going to her fathers in Cooks Corner, Brunswick, ME. I
know he had a brother in Chelsea (most likely). I cannot believe he is no
where to be found when I have so much information on where he lived. Does anyone
have any ideas on how I can locate him?


Ellen Weinstein McKeough
Swampscott, MA

Researching: SCHAFFER/FISHMAN-Odessa,

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