VM: Russian Translation #general

Laufer, Shmuel

I am looking for help translating birth and marriage certificates from
Russian, please.

I am specifically looking for names and dates in these documents.

If you can help, please respond to laufers@inter.net.il

Description: Birth Certificate Zelek Laufer >from Przasnysz

Birth Certificate of Efraim Laufer >from Przasnysz

Birth Certificate Estera Laufer >from Przasnysz

Birth Certificate Lea Laufer >from Przasnysz

Birth Certificate Sara Laufer >from Przasnysz

Best Regards

Shmuel Laufer
Rehovot - Israel

Researching: LAUFER (Przasnysz- Poland), BERKOWICZ (Przasnysz- Poland),
JANKEFOWICZ (Przasnysz- Poland), WIATRAK (Przasnysz- Poland), DOMB
(Pultusk-Poland), BRUCKMAN (Sarnaki-Poland), ZELAZO (Sarnaki-Poland),
MITELMAN (Chelm-Poland), TENERMAN (Dubienka-Poland), PRESCHEL
(Chernovich-Bukovina), SCHNAPP (Chernovich-Bukovina), LEDER

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