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Yesterday, I received the following email >from a gentleman in Poland (please
read quoted message below. His message appears to be very sincere and I
wonder if anyone out there might have a copy of "Sefer
Rubizhevitsh, Derevne ve-ha-seviva" edited by D. Shtokfish, published in Tel
Aviv 1968, that they would be willing to donate to this man or know where a
copy can be obtained at a lower price, please contact me via private email
and I will provide you with his name, address, and email.

I found the information on JewishGen website of the book entitled
"Rubiezewicze, Derevna and surroundings", the translation of "Sefer
Rubizhevitsh, Derevne ve-ha-seviva" edited by D. Shtokfish, published in Tel
Aviv 1968.
It was a shoking information for me that a book devoted to my hometown was
written. I come >from Rubiezewicze, where I was born in 1936. My father,
Wincenty Witkowski had a mill and helped Jews during the World War Two. My
mother regularly provided them with bread, when Jewish ghetto was formed
nearby. The tragical dead of Jews in Rubiezewicze is still in my memory. After
the war our family lost everything and I had to stay in Russia, Siberia, which
I left after 20 years. Now I live in Poland.
I would like to purchase the book, but my present situation makes it
impossible. I retired and I unfortunately cannot afford to spend 100$.
Therefore, I would like to ask you: maybe you possess a used, old copy of the
book that you could send me? It would be a great joy for me to read about my
family town and its history. I have contact with the inhabitants of
Rubiezewicze, so I would show and thanslate it to them, too.
I look forward to hearing >from you.
I hope there is some kind sole out there who can help. This man may have
information about the Jews who lived in Rubiezewicze.

David Fox
Mail to:
Belarus SIG Coordinator
Arnold, MD USA

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