Village of Zinkivitz (possibly in Podolsk)- Help required #general

David Cooper <mail_temp@...>

Help required please to locate the village called Zinkitvitz.

My family name is believed to have been COOPERBERG.

The UK identification record document (1918) for my great grandfather Dovid
Cooperberg shows that his passport was issued in Kamanitz and his birth
place was Zinkivitz.

His son, my grandfather, Julius Louis (Abe) Cooperberg's naturalisation
papers show him to be >from Zinkevitz Podolsk Russia.

I can't find any reference to either Zinkivitz or to Zinkevitz and I don't
know whether Podolsk was Georgia or Russia near Moscow?

I will be grateful for any idea's.


David M Cooper

MODERATOR NOTE: Try The JewishGen ShtetlSeeker to locate Zinkitvitz by its name.
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