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Dinberg Donna <donna.dinberg@...>


Since it is unlikely that a used copy of this Yizkor would be available for
donation to an individual (most copies held by libraries and other
repositories would not become available), and since the cost of obtaining
the original will be high through any used book dealer, I suggest two
alternates that may be useful to others, also.

This Yizkor has been made available as a print-on-demand title through the
National Yiddish Book Center's Steven Speilberg Digital Yiddish Library.
(See the entry by searching >from this page:

The Center also has some books for sale at lower prices:

"Many of the titles listed in this catalog are also available as used books
for $16. Most are shelf-worn but sound and complete; sometimes the paper is
yellow or brittle. Although not always suitable for the rigors of library
use, used books are often an excellent value for students (and collectors).
To check the availability of a particular used title or titles, please email
us at <>"

Perhaps this Yizkor is available as a used book >from this source. Since
this is a Yizkor book, it is not likely available but is worth a try.

Alternately, the Polish gentleman and his fellow Rubiezewiczers could
purchase a single copy of the print-on-demand version, with the cost shared
amongst them. If our friend wants to own the book himself, he might arrange
to pay back to his friends their portions of the cost over time. In this
way, the book becomes affordable, he ends up with the book, and everyone has
access to something that was originally out of reach. Collaboration can be
very useful!

Donna Dinberg
Librarian, JGS of Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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