Re: Missing letter in given name is ?? #general

Benzy Shani <bzs@...>

My guess is that in addition to the missing letter, part of the previous
letter is also missing, and that the name is:
Yod - Heh - Vav - Shin - Ayin -- Yehoshua.

< > wrote:

Can anyone supply the probable missing 3rd letter and name for my great-
grandfather? A photograph of his tombstone shows his first name as yud-daled
-?-shin-eyin. The missing letter appears to be a vav, resh, daled or
even a lamed. However, none of those sound like any name that I know. If
it helps, his second given name was Eliezer and that is how he was known,
ie, Lazar. TIA

Steven Chall
Wellington, FL

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