Re: Village of Zinkivitz (possibly in Podolsk)- Help required #general

Alexander Sharon

"David Cooper" wrote

Help required please to locate the village called Zinkitvitz.

My family name is believed to have been COOPERBERG.

The UK identification record document (1918) for my great grandfather
Dovid Cooperberg shows that his passport was issued in Kamanitz and
his birth place was Zinkivitz.

His son, my grandfather, Julius Louis (Abe) Cooperberg's naturalisation
papers show him to be >from Zinkevitz Podolsk Russia.

I can't find any reference to either Zinkivitz or to Zinkevitz and
I don't know whether Podolsk was Georgia or Russia near Moscow?
I'm very glad that this particular town name came up.
I've been working on this shtetl mystery some time ago, but somehow since
there was no inquiry in the recent time about the shtetl to JGFF, I've
forgotten all about it, but I still have the notes.

1. WOWW identifies this town as Zinkovtsy (Zinkowitz) at 4841 2636.
What is curious about those coordinates is that this locates place
right in the middle of Kamyanets Podilskyy (or Kamienec Podolski),
the mighty Jewish historical town in Podolia, Ukraine.

Zinkowce (also known as Zienkowce), used to be a small town located
just next to Kamieniec Podolski (separated by the river), when Jews
were not allowed to reside in Kamieniec during 17th and 18th centuries.
When the restrictions against the Jewish residency in Kamieniec had
been lifted, Jews left Zinkowce, which has lost its economical
vitality and eventually was incorporated within the Kamieniec
town boundary.

2. Zinkowiec is an alternate name for Zinkov, located at 4905 2704,
about 37 miles NE >from Kamyanets Podilskyy. Zinkov is located in
the cluster of historical Jewish towns of Podolia, such as Dunayivtsi
(ex Dunajewcy), Khmelnytskyy (ex Proskurow), Ushitsa (old and new),
Yarmolintsy, Medzhibozh and others -- more than 50 thousand Jews
used to reside in this region. What an ironic travesty of history,
to assign the Khmelnitsky name, the murderer of our people during
the mid-17 century Catastrophe to the main city of this region.

To summarize:
- Zinkowiec and Zinkowitz are the alternate names for town
Zinkov in Podolia.
- Zinkowce is an alternate name for Zinkovtsy, the inner suburb
of Kamyanets Podilskiyy.

Names of those places are similar indeed, and this is the reason
for the confusion.

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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