Re: Unusual Surnames Related? #belarus

Michelle Frager <lulu_brooks@...>

I second Orrin Tilevitz's post on not assuming relationships just
because of similar unusual surnames, based on our own family's
research experience. TREIGERs galore showed up unexpectedly in
regional records (Ukraine), yet only one of the 90 is definitely our
family. Others do not have our traditional given names, but form
groups with their own with repeated given names. They might
eventually prove out, but not on what we've got so far.

So, basically, it ain't over the archivist stamps, so to speak. As
Poirot said, assume nothing.

Michelle Frager, NY area:
SHVAISBERG/SCHWEISBERG in Ukraine, Bessarabia, Romania

--- Orrin Tilevitz <> wrote:

Fran Segall asks whether everyone with the same unusual surname in
same town was related, and whether a particular given name attached
that surname described a unique person. Not necessarily. We found

someone with my gf's name in a city directory in an adjoining town,
the profession was wrong and we think he was too young to have
established himself at that time. They could have been cousins,
after the same person. And there were several families with
surname in my gf's part of Belarus with, so far, no apparent
relation to us.

Orrin Tilevitz
Brooklyn, NY

Researching TILEVICH (and variants) in and around Krucha

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