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Jewish Genealogical Society of Sacramento Meeting

When: Sunday, December 18, 10 a.m.
Where: Albert Einstein Residence Center
1935 Wright St.
Sacramento, CA
Speaker: Steve Morse
Topic: Navigating the New York Census with Fewer Tears

Many of us had relatives in New York during the early
part of the 20th century but obtaining census data
about them was difficult. Now, thanks to genealogy Web
pioneer Steve Morse, things are a little easier. On
December 18, you can be part of the first audience to
hear >from Steve about his newest one-step research
focus: the New York state censuses for 1905, 1915 and
1925. Steve, internationally known for his work in
simplifying the Ellis Island data base and other Web
sites (see www.stevemorse.org) will once again address
the Jewish Genealogy Society of Sacramento.

There were several state censuses taken in New York
starting >from 1790. Steve says the most valuable for
genealogical purposes are the 1905, 1915, and 1925
censuses because that was a time of a large influx of

In the 1905/15/25 New York State censuses, the
information is arranged by Assembly District/Election
District in the actual census microfilms, so having an
address, rather than a name, is the key to finding
your relative. You need to know the AD/ED where that
person resided in the year the census was taken.
Steve's new one-step site for the New York City
boroughs provides the means for converting the
person's address into an AD/ED pair. >from there, you
can go to the correct microfilm roll and find the
census entry.

Come learn more on Sunday, December 18.

For more information,contact the Sacramento Jewish
Genealogical Society at jgs_sacramento@... or
leave a message at 916-486-0906

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