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Alexander Sharon

"Ben Forman" wrote

I'm not sure this is relevant exactly to this discusion, but it is on the
topic of towns being named after the arrival of Jews to it. Some of my German/
Polish ancestors came >from a village near Posen called Zavadi, I had assumed
that this is what it was always called, but reading this thread it made me
wonder is Jews could have named the village, similarly to how I've read
Sefad/Svat was named by Sefardic arrivals/founders, could a village in
Poland/Germany be named similarly for the same reason? >>

Close, Ben.

Zavod as in fabrication or manufacturing came to some Slavic nations in a
bit later stage than it occured in the western Europe during the industrial

If you follow manufacturing industry in Poland, even in the late 20ies of
the interwar period, it appears that the main occupation was the milling and
alcohol distillation. There was also a forestry business, but seems to me
that this was mainly to get a lumber out of the woods for shacks
construction to house another profitable alcohol distillery operation.

Zavod or zavada was actually a dam, which occured in the natural form (most
probably built by the beavers), or artificially made by the people over the
streams. Then next to the dam a water mill was installed to grind a grain
and to get yet another alcohol distillery going on.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab.

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