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Most anything is possible, although if that happened I believe it is more
likely that the town was named by others to indicate a substantial Jewish
presence, rather than that Jews gave it such a name.

On the other hand, it may be worth noting that "zavad" or "zavod" is a root
word in Slavic languages. My understanding is that it relates to a worker
of the sort who works in a factory or workshop, as opposed to on a farm.

Peter Zavon
Penfield, NY

Actually, in Russian "zavod" is the factory, not the worker; not
surprising that a town can have such a name.

But in Polish, "zawod" (pronounced the same) is a competitive game. On
the other hand, "zawada" is an obstacle, which some towns are; the
plural of this word ("obstacles") is "zawady", which is pronounced
like the "Zavady" named by Ben below. Polish doesn't use the letter
"V", so the village of his forebears was likely Zawady. Perhaps access
to the place was difficult, or maybe it just had stubborn

In any case, what we have here is yet another use of initial "Z" that
is not specifically Jewish. There are many more.

"Ben Forman" <ben.forman@...> wrote in message
I'm not sure this is relevant exactly to this discusion, but it is on the
topic of towns being named after the arrival of Jews to it. Some of my
German/Polish ancestors came >from a village near Posen called Zavadi, I had
assumed that this is what it was always called, but reading this thread it
made me wonder is Jews could have named the village, similarly to how I've
? read Sefad/Svat was named by Sefardic arrivals/founders, could a village in
Poland/Germany be named similarly for the same reason?
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