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On a 1944 death certificate, I found that the maiden name of the deceased was
STRIBER. The father's first name was Julius and is listed as >from "Austria."
The handwriting seems pretty clear (e.g. the "t" is crossed and the "i" is
dotted), though I could be reading it incorrectly. The deceased is listed as
having been born in 1911 in the US. The family is a New York family, and the
deceased is buried in the New York City area (Beth David).

I cannot trace this individual back because I can't find any apparently
Jewish people with this surname, either in the 1910 thru 1930 censuses or on
Ellis Island, or on JGFF or JOWBR. I've also tried STROBER, STRUBER, STREIBER
and SCHREIBER with no success on the Julius part. I'm seeking realistic
suggestions as to what the name might really be, or if someone can find
references to the surname in some other source. I also called the cemetery
where the person on the certificate is buried, and there are no related graves
that might indicate a variation on the name.

I can email the scanned document privately if you would like. Thanks in

Steve Stein
Highland Park, NJ

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