Success - Family found after 80 years of searching! #general

Mark Budman <budman@...>

Dear Friends:

I would to thank everyone for their assistance in locating my SEGAL
(SOLOMIN) relatives. With the release of the 1920 Canadian Census, the
assistance of the Jewishgen community, and a lot of luck, I managed to
locate my late grandfather's first cousin's family.

I myself have been searching for 10 years for the family directly connected
to Solomon Segal, who once lived in Toronto, Canada (190-1921) before
completely disappearing. I have letters dating back to 1926 searching for
him and his family, and because of the generosity of people involved with
JewishGen, I managed to located them in LA.

Of course, just by dates, Solomon Segal is no longer alive, but his
daughter-in-law is living in the LA area.

It is truly incredible to blindly call someone up, and explain that you are
a lost relative, especially when the person on the other end never knew of
any extended family. They thought everyone was killed in the holocaust. I
have been able to send pictures containing individuals >from both families.
The joys and happiness of this event is overwhelming! Words cannot explain
the feelings. It was truly a memorable experience.

I would like to thank everyone. Words cannot express my gratitude. Without
you this never would have happened. Without the contribution and existence
of Jewsihgen, I would have never located these people.

Once again I would like to thank everyone for their input and assistance.

Happy Hanukah and all the best to everyone!

Best Regards,

Mark J. Budman
Researching SOLOMIN/SEGAL >from Lithuania

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