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Burt Hecht <burt1933@...>

Hi genners,

I remembered when I saw a photo of a grand-uncle in a unidentified uniform
and posted with no success. In my case it was so non-descript It could have
been the uniform of a waiter in a restaurant. The only difference was the
insignia on the hat. This search, not yet complete, led me to search some
web sites and there are several experts in research.

This is one:
and another >from a commercial site

Possibly either may hold the answer you seek.

I have found that the google search can reveal many pictorials that can
help make distinguishing points. Good luck.

Burt Hecht

Searching: HECHT - Tuszyn, Gombin, Warsawa, Glasgow, Montreal;
ETTINGER - Tarnow, Gombin; LEW/LEFF - Lomza, Suwalki, NYC;
SANDOWSKY/SANDOFSKY - Suwalki, Perhaps Bialystok

MODERATOR NOTE: This is a reply to Mark's message asking for identification of
a man in uniform, placed on ViewMate. We post this reply since it contains
general information.

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