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I am the G-G-granddaughter of Jakob KOHN (1839-1927) of Baden. He had 15
children (not 13 as written in a previous entry). I have researched the
family extensively and the genealogy can be found on the FTJP. I have had an
entry for KOHN in Baden in the JGFF since 1998...

Jakob KOHN was buried in Mattersdorf, as was his first wife Anna (Netti)
(Ginendal) DEUTSCH (1845-1885), but his second wife, Esther Anna (Netti)
REISCH (1859-1929) the mother of Karl, was buried in the Baden Jewish
cemetery. Her gravestone was restored last year and I can provide a
photograph of both the restored stone and how it looked before the
Holocaust. I also have at least one other pre-war photograph >from the Baden
cemetery. I would like to add these to the photo database but need
directions to do so.

At least three of Jakob KOHN's sons are buried in Baden: Adolf (Abraham)
KOHN (1866-1928), Oskar KOHN (1894-1915), and Heinrich KOHN (1891-1920).
Jakob's nephew Jakob KOHN (1872-1924) the son of Meyer Wolf KOHN of Voeslau
is buried in Baden, and there are other KOHNs relations in the cemetery as

If you have any connection to Baden, then purchasing Thomas E. Shaerf's book
"Juedisches Leben in Baden" is a must. It contains a treasure trove of
genealogical information and has many photographs, including a group photo
with Jakob KOHN and his son Adolf. Meticulously researched and documented,
the book provides a detailed history of the Baden Jewish community >from the
first Jews permitted to work in the city to the community's destruction in
the Holocaust.

Schaerf has even cataloged the Jewish-owned businesses in Baden and
surrounding towns, street by street, providing the owner's name, address,
and type of business as it appeared in 1938. There is a similar street by
street listing for houses owned by Jews and it shows who took ownership of
the property when it was Aryanized. (Considering Shaerf's ties to Baden --
he is president of the Jewish Community of Baden and is quite a visible
presence in the town -- the Aryanization identification was a gutsy move. It
is likely that descendants of many of these people live in the town or
somewhere else in Austria)

Finally, if the Englesrath family >from Baden mentioned in a previous post,
originally came >from Mattersdorf, Hungary (Mattersburg, Austria) I can
provide some information about this family.

Carole Garbuny Vogel
Lexington, Massachusetts, USA

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