Help for researching into romanian archivs #general


Dear Genners,

At first I send to you all my best wishes for a Happy Chanukka festival and
a peacefull and good New Year 2006 !

I have a question: I tried to got informations about
my late paternal family (GRINBERG and HERSCOBVICI >from RAMNICU SARAT,Region
of Buzau) >from the State Archiv in Buckarest and in Buzau. I had send three
letter's a long time ago, but I don't get any answer.
I'm looking for the death document of my late greatgrandfather Pincu
GRINBERG. He worked in Ramnicu Sarat as a chamber painter and chasan and in
1910 he died by an accident by work in Ramnicu Sarat. Pincu GRINBERG (b.
1870, d. 1910) was married ca. 1894/95 with Tiva Pincu HERSCOVICI (b. 1877,
d. 1935/1941/42 in Ramnicu Sarat). Both had two childrens: Emilian/Emil
alias Smuil Pincu GRINBERG (b. 1895/98, d. 1916/17 in the region of Ramnicu
Sarat) who was a romanian soldier during WW I and was shot down >from a tree
by an german or austrian-hungarian sniper during the bloody battles in the region
of Ramnicu Sarat. >from him I also search his death document. Emilians
sister, was my late grandmother Frima(Fanny) PINCU GRINBERG (b. 1899 in
Ramnicu Sarat, d. 1986 in Lahr/Germany). She was married 1921 in Biesenthal,
Mark Brandenburg/Germany with the smith Ewald Ferdinand Dupuis, who was as a
prussian dragon soldier 1917/18 with his prussian dragon regiment in Ramnicu

HOw can I got all the birth, marriage and death documents of my late
ancestors ????

Best regards
Robert Dupuis

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