Revised Skala web site #general

Tony Hausner

First, we are very pleased to announce that there have been extensive
additions to the Skala Podolskaya web site. the site is at

to see all the additions, go to the what's new link near the top of the
page. this will take you to many other pages. or scroll down to see all
the links on the main skala page.

We are deeply indebted to Max Heffler and Helene Kenvin for all their work.
Jewishgen recently gave us permission to directly access the web site and
make changes, additions, etc. We are very grateful to Susana Leistner
Bloch, the suchostaw regional coordinator, and Ed Rosenbaum for all their
wonderful work over the past few years in managing the web site. We are also
very grateful to Shelley Pollero for her guidance on the transistion. We
will still be linked to the suchostaw site, but just have direct access to
making changes. With all the new material, we felt it made more sense to
make the additions directly. Max has done a brilliant job of creating the
web pages, and Helene has inspired a lot of the contributions, the ideas for
the additions, and for the general design of the pages. we have received
many compliments for her photos of the weisenthal family, which will be
published in the next issue of the Galitizianer. see

you can also reach this on the main page by going to

"Relatives >from Skala who perished in the Holocaust."

We have many more additions that we will be making over the next few weeks.
And we hope that we have just started a trend with our group of skala

We continue to be very grateful to Max Mermelstein, president, Skala
Benevolent Society, for the incredible number of contributions that he has
made for many years to preserving the memory of Skala and of the victims of
the holocaust.

On another note, many of you may know this, but I just recently learned that
the yad vashem central data base of shoah victims is online

for skala, there are 1000 victims listed. I learned several things about my
family >from the listings in this data base. This database has allowed
families who didn't know of each other's existence to make connections.

Tony Hausner and Denise Azbil
Co-shetl leaders

Tony Hausner
Silver Spring, MD
Hausner: Skala, Galicia, Austria, Bohemia Wechsler, Zimmerman: Galicia
Bloch, Epstein: Czech
Denise Azbil
Las Vegas, NV
Goldsach Katz Schachter Weidenfeld Zwirnbaum

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