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Does anyone on your tree have the surname SACK?
I am seeking information on the brothers Hyman and Nathan SACK.

=I don't have anything with regard to the SACK family of the 19th century,
but in their book: " history of the Jews and the Jewish communities in Posen
provinceā€. J?dische Gemeindebilder aus der Provinz Posen, Rabbi dr. Aaron
Heppner, and the teacher J. Herzberg wrote over 100 years ago in the chapter
about the town Schneidem?hl (Pila):

Around 1681, R. Menach. Nachum b. Israel Sak officiated rabbi in
Schneidem?hl .

By 1758 the community decided to employ a new rabbi again and the choice
fell on R. Meier b. Mordechai Sak as the interest on.

This paragraph is one of many which were translated and are part of my book
about communities and families of Posen Province, Prussia.

Best regards, Udi Cain, Israel

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