Re: Jakob Kohn Family of Baden #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Thank you Carole for this information. I also wrote about my search for Karl
KOHN >from Baden to this SIG quite a few years ago! How I traced him is really
a miracle. I only had his name and a six digit number as clues, plus the
possibility that he went to Shanghai. I have spoken to people who knew him and
his wife? Hermine [nee TAUBER] a French teacher, in Melbourne. I found the site
of his burial and I have some original papers belonging to him which were sent
to me. I was told he did marry Hermine - but I have not followed that through
as they had no children.

You see he had a daughter born in Slovakia on 6 June 1912, you and the family
knew nothing about. He gave her money and told her* to leave for the USA as she
was half-Jewish and in grave danger. Then he gave her this scrap of paper with
the six digit number. After that there was silence and they were never in touch
again. They presumed he had died in the holocaust. His close Jewish friend who
lived in the village was a Jakob STERN.

I was asked to trace him by his granddaughter now in Ohio. I told her yesterday
about the large family and she was in a state of happy "shock". I will give you
further personal details off-list.

The morale is that family secrets may eventually be revealed, even after 95
years and the family itself, may be the last to know.

Celia Male [U.K.]

*Footnote: She left her Catholic mother behind in Slovakia nr Trencin [Horna
Sluzia? and never saw her again. She died shortly after the end of WW2 so even
if Karl had tried to get in touch with her it would have been very hard.

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