Bronxville/ NYC #general

Joseph Hirschfield

I know there is a town in Westchester County, NY named Bronxville; however
I would like someone to let me know if there is also a section of New York
City called Bronxville. According to his NYC birth certificate for 1908 one
of my uncles was born at 457 Chester St. Bronxville. Since it is a NYC birth
certificate I have to believe that Chester St. is in NYC, but where is
Bronxville. I could not find Chester St. in a yahoo map search. I also
looked up Chester St. in the Morse list of changed street names and it was
not listed.

Joe Hirschfield
Portage, MI
HIRSCHFELD, LINDBAUM, BUCHSBAUM - Sielec Bienkow, Glinyany, Skwarzawa,
MINOWITSKI, TOBIASZ - Brest-Litovsk, Belarus

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