Re: Translation of Yiddish word "ah-noos" - Pt 2; a simple answer? #general

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Helene Kenvin asks for a translation of Yiddish word
"ah-noos"; this is because her great-grandfather was a
grain merchant who went by wagon to Bessarabia to get
a seed that was turned into oil. Phonetically, the
seed sounded like "ah-noos," with an emphasis on the
last syllable.

After I posted my analysis this morning, I discussed
the problem with fellow Austria-Czech Sigger, Charles
Nydorf of NY who I often consult on yiddish matters -
and I have his permission quote. Charles tells me
quite simply that the yiddish for *a nut* is
"ah-noos"!!! As Helene Kenvin, said the emphasis
would be on the last syllable.

Helene's grandfather may have been using a generic
term when he was describing the cargo his father
brought in his wagon >from Bessarabia to Skala
Podol'ska for crushing into oils:

However, believe it or not, Bessarabia was famous for
its *nuts*: Bessarabia – a plain land filled with
sunlight, fields,
.. all crops of the land. ... even the Jews show the
signature of the place: strong and muscular, ....
Their image is as those Bessarabian nuts, whose outer
shell is strong, while their inside is soft and tender
{Abraham EPSTEIN] - see

And furthermore, the Bessarabian walnut crop was very
important economically in the 19th century and highly
prized: see - search for *walnut* in the text

Just enter walnuts and Bessarabia or Moldova onto a
www search and see how many hits you get!

We may never know what type of nuts Helene's
great-grandfather was transporting back to the stetl
[and her grandfather may not have known either], but I
think we are getting closer are the wagon rolls on. My
bet is now on the walnut.

Celia Male [U.K.]

Fotnote: My thanks as always, to willing collaborators
in these fascinating research projects; in this
instance, Charles Nydorf.

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