Who is Luba SENDLER, Holon (Israel, 1947) #general

Vangheluwe Daniel <vangheluwe.smietan@...>

Thank yo the genner who translated the testimony of my cousin (SMIETAN
family). Now, I am searching to him or his family. The testimony was
written by Sendler Luba address Holon, Shikon Yisai Kohen 134 ,cousin of
Smetana Motel, the date is Holon 4 February 1947 .

It is a long time ago.Is it already a SENDLER family in Holon near Tel Aviv?
in the same adress? Someone remember of Luba? Is it a way to search his
childrens? Because I dont speak hebrew, I need your help.

Daniel Vangheluwe

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