New Year's Resolutions 2006: 1 {Quotes } and 2 {JGFF} #general

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Resolution 1: Adelle Weintraub Gloger of Cleveland,
Ohio wrote:
"Celia probably does not know that some people
subscribe to this list via soc.genealogy.jewish and
not directly via JewishGen."

This comment was made by Adelle because I had referred
to a recent "out of context" misquote. Adelle does not
realise she has reinforced *exactly* the point I was
making. In the latest round my surname was
***mispelt*** as Malle in Adelle's re-quote!
When one employs quotes one has to be very careful;
mistakes in quotes can perpetuate errors. Every quote,
its source and the spelling in the quote must be
checked and cross-checked before submitting, but
Adelle you are forgiven.

But this is not my main interest - which is family
sagas/history and genealogy and here I would like to
suggest another important New Year's Resolution re the
Jewishgen Family Finder {JGFF}.

Resolution 2: If you have entered names into the JGFF
and someone replies *please do respond*. In the last
weeks I have sent out 3-4 mails to the JGFF and have
had no replies. Am I alone in this? It is so
frustrating and rather pointless having this wonderul
resource and not using it properly.

The last one I sent out quite a long time ago was to
RUSTERHOLTZ Zurich Switzerland {entry of 6 Mar 2005}
Researcher #151241
I had just done some fascinating work with this family
name in Bohemia. I had thought that the researcher
#151241 might be interested and we could develop the

It is possible that these JGFF mails and others from
unknown, but genuine, correspondents end up in the
bulk mail/spam box. If you happen to have a family
name like Male, it is even more likely! So please do
look at your spam box before emptying.

Now back to the real work and I do hope to get replies
from the JGFF in 2006 - I always reply immediately!
Celia Male [U.K.]

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