Re: Jewish GILBERTs in Manchester, UK, 1870s #general

Pamela Weisberger <pweisberger@...>

Richard Gilbert wrote:

<<I am researching my family's genealogy, and believe I have found a
not-too-distant uncle's birth in Manchester, in 1876. <<snip>>

Please let me know if there is any way to obtain data about this family, and
a bit about the history of Jewish migration >from Eastern Europe to the UK,
and Manchester in particular, between the 1850s and the 1870s.>>

JewishGen has an excellent webpage/database for the Greater Manchester
Jewish Community at:

For a "migration history" of how Jews came to live in Manchester go to
"MovingHere's" webpage at:
[or --Mod.]

And for current and historical information about Manchester Jewry try:

The JGS of Great Britain should also have useful information:

Additional Googling under "Manchester" and "Jews" (perhaps even "Gilbert")
should yield more sites of interest. For example, a "Clive Gilbert" turned
up on a search, who was born in Manchester, and is an Honorary Research
Fellow at the University of Manchester, author of "A Revolution in Jewish
Life - A History of the Jewish Workers' Bund and publishes articles on
Jewish political issues. Possible relative? Who knows...?

Pamela Weisberger
Santa Monica, CA

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