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<<>from Nick Landau, London, UK - We visited the Panieri Woods where in the
early stages of the German invasion against the Russians who by that time were
in charge of Lithuania. I believed that 40,000 Jews were killed mainly by
local people/partisans in the knowledge that the Germans would approve.>>

I have visited Paneriai on 12 different trips. 70,000 Jews were murdered
there. While Lithuanians were involved, the entire killing operation at
Paneriai was planned, organized, and operated by the Nazis.
Thanks although I have already acknowledged that someone else posted me
privately that I was wrongly informed about this.

Can I suggest that where someone is factually wrong, as indeed I appear to
have been, that they should post the fact to JewishGen rather than email
privately the original poster.

After all, if if this is a matter of fact then this it is best to inform the
whole of JewishGen.

I would suggest that a web and/or a book be given as a source if possible.

I do have Lucy Davidowicz's book "The War Against the Jews 1933-45" which is
I believe very authoratitative in this area.

Nick Landau
London, UK

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