Re: Bronxville/NYC #general

Ira Leviton

Dear Cousins,

Joe Hirschfield asked,

<<<I know there is a town in Westchester County, NY named Bronxville;
however I would like someone to let me know if there is also a section of
New York City called Bronxville. According to his NYC birth certificate
for 1908 one of my uncles was born at 457 Chester St. Bronxville. Since
it is a NYC birth certificate I have to believe that Chester St. is in
NYC, but where is Bronxville. I could not find Chester St. in a yahoo map
search. I also looked up Chester St. in the Morse list of changed street
names and it was not listed.>>>

There are two Chester Streets in New York City. One is in the Bronx,
and the other in Brooklyn. When looking for an address in New York City,
it is important to use the names of the specific boroughs. If you look
for "any address, New York, N.Y.," you may not find it if the location is
outside of Manhattan.

Map searches consider the different boroughs as different cities, just
like the U.S. Postal Service does. If it doesn't exist in Manhattan, they
might deliver you (or the letter) to the right address in another borough
if you're lucky, but it's not very likely to happen.

Chester Street in the Bronx extends for only two short blocks and does
not have a 457 on it. Chester Street in Brooklyn is 10 longer blocks and
does indeed have a 457. Moreover, it is located in Brownsville, the name
of a neighborhood in Brooklyn, which Pamela Weisberger noted in her reply
on January 5th.

It's also worth noting that by 1908 many Jews were living in
Brownsville, and that there's no Bronxville (town, neighborhood, street,
etc.) in New York City. For these reasons, I strongly agree with Pamela
that since it was a New York City birth certificate, Bronxville is most
likely Brownsville.

Ira Leviton, New York (that means Manhattan), N.Y. (but a proud
ex-resident of both Brooklyn for 20 years and the Bronx for 16)

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