Otzar Harabanim: advice needed on tracing Rabbi Arie Lieb WOLFF #general

Ruth and Bruce Lynn <lynn33@...>


I'm trying to trace the ancestors of my gggg-grandfather, Rabbi Arie Lieb
(changed to Lewin) ben Seeb WOLFF (or WOLF), born in Radziewo (now
Radziejow), Poland in 1781. He was the Chief Rabbi of Meseritz, Posen,
Prussia >from 1815 until his death in 1856. One of his sons was Rabbi Moritz
Rabbiner WOLFF of Culm, West Prussia and Gothenburg, Sweden. Arie
Lieb/Lewin WOLFF's obituary states that he came >from "a family of well-known
Rabbinic scholars."

However, he is not listed in "The Unbroken Chain," nor in "Otzar Harabanim."
I'm trying to determine whether his father, Seeb WOLFF, is listed in "Otzar
Harabanim." With the little Hebrew I can decipher, it seems that entries #
5420-5554 are all for Rabbis named Ze'ev WOLFF. Entry #5421 (p. 115),
looks like a potential match, mainly because of the possible connection
between the name of his father-in-law (who was also his uncle), Rabbi Arie
Lieb of Krakow (#3203, p. 69), and his (possible) son, "my" Arie Lieb.

However, I don't see any dates in this Ze'ev WOLFF's entry, and it seems as
though the dates for his father and father-in-law would not match "my" Rabbi
Lewin WOLFF's dates. I'm not sure I've understood the dates correctly: is
5410 [1649] the date listed for Arie Lieb of Krakow? And does the entry for
Arie Lieb of Krakow's brother, Rabbi Zvi Hirsch of Lvov (#17132, p. 353),
father of Rabbi Ze'ev WOLFF, list the date of 5559 [1798]? Obviously,
either one of these dates is wrong, or I've misunderstood the connection
between these men.

So, I'd really appreciate an opinion on whether these men could possibly
have been the ancestors of my gggg-grandfather, Rabbi Lewin WOLFF. And if
not, I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to find his actual ancestors.

Thanks very much for your help.

Ruth Nadelman Lynn
Lexington, MA

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