Contact in Argentina needed. #general

lubarsky <lubarsky@...>

Out of desperation I tried using the Kartoo search engine to look for famly
names, and I think I have a hit.
I found a story on about "El Gaon Rabi Iaacob Kastenovitz, Z"L ".
My mother had told me that a close relative of my grandfather, Moshe
Kastenowitz had gone to South America >from Bobruisk. I don't think that
Kastenovitz (or Kastenowitz) is all that common a surname so there is a
chance that he is a relative. Does anyone have a contact in Argentina that I
could write to?

Thank you.

Bill Lubarsky

Researching: MATLIN, KASTENOVITZ (any spelling) >from Bobruisk, Krellberg,
LUBARSKY, TENNION >from Berdichiev.

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