Query about Jaworow location #general

Rochelle Kaplan <ro@...>

I learned that Fishler family buried in Mt. Lebanon Cemetery with
Independent Jaworower Assn. When I checked shtetl seeker, 4
possibilities in Poland and one in Ukraine seemed possible. How do I
determine which town is the right one, the one that corresponds to the
association? Any help appreciated.

Shtetl Coordinates that come up include:

Jaworow 51-32N 22-03E Poland 66.7 miles SE of Warszawa
Jaworow 50-48N 17-19E Poland 187.2 miles WSW of Warszawa
Jaworowa 52-08N 20-57E Poland 8.3 miles SSW of Warszawa
Jaworowo 52-54N 19-53E Poland 64.9 miles NW of Warszawa
Jaworow, Yavoruv, Yavorov, Yavoriv 49-56N 23-23E Ukraine
317.1 miles W of Kyyiv


Rochelle Kaplan

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