Re: Baden and Karl Kohn #austria-czech

Peter Gieler <petergieler@...>

I am pleased that contact has been made with Thomas Schaerf and the Baden
Community. I met him a number of years ago when I was researching my family
ancestors in Vienna and found him extremely helpful.

I am very interested in Karl KOHN as my late Uncle Siegfried KOHN also left
Vienna and travelled via Shanghai to Melbourne Australia. He too left all
his papers which are vast and include major extracts >from his diaries to the
Archives at the Jewish Museum in Melbourne. A great deal of his artefacts
were used in the exhibition on Jewish Life in Shanghai during the 1940s.

I would like to share my collection of information and exchanged details re
my family Kohn who lived in Moedling and stemmed originally from
Deutschkreuz and Mattersburg.

Peter Gieler

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