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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Like Tom Venetianer [Sao Paulo] I was rather amazed at
Stan Goodman's pronouncement that "{Jonas} although
usually given a Hebrew explanation, is actually

Tom wrote: "I never saw this name associated with
Egyptian roots, but if this is so, I would very much
like to know how."

Well I would too - I presume Stan means ancient
Egyptian [ie based on hieroglyphic texts?] or perhaps
Coptic or aramaic?
Obviously, Arabic is too late an introduction into the
region to be considered. I will consult my Coptic
friends, just incase.

I belong to an extensive, communicative, Alexandrian
diaspora -although, like Jonas, I have no Egyptian
roots - and as soon as Stan's posting appeared the
emails were flying around the world. We have found no
Egyptian roots, as yet, but are still looking.

My childhood friend Edna consulted her cousin, the
distinguished Professor Marcel Erdal [who is not from
Alexandria] and with his permission I quote:

Yona(h) means 'dove' in Hebrew and there are lots of
animal and bird names in languages. There is of course
the prophet Yona (who was swallowed by a fish), the -s
comes >from Greek inflection (nominative suffix),
Christians having got the New as well as the Old
Testament in Greek, giving Yonas / Jonas. Arabic
Younis is this same name, but Greek Yanni isn't:
Yanni, Greek Yannis in the nominative case, is from
Yohannes, John, which comes >from Hebrew Yohanan, which
means 'God (yo-) has forgiven (= hanan)(him)'....."

So, please, all those ancient Egyptian scholars and
Coptic experts in our midst - enlighten us, if you
can. We may all yet be surprised! That is why we have
a discussion group - to learn.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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